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Quality Service Assurance for Ipswich and surrounding suburbs

Action Electrical Air & Solar has expert electricians ready to assist you locally, and those within the vicinity of Ipswich and surrounding suburbs with full electrical services. We know the essence of having an efficient and reliable electrical system.

Electrician IpswichYou can reach out to us at any time if you experience any electrical emergencies. As earlier mentioned, we offer electrical installations and repair services in the following sectors:


Domestic Services

Electrical installations and repair works are sensitive and should be handled by professionals. You need to have adequate peace of mind knowing that your installations are safe for your property.

Electrical jobs in your home need to be tackled by people who has ample experience like we do. Because we are both licensed and insured to offer you such professional services, you can always count on us to deliver on our promises.


Commercial Services

We understand that you require your commercial buildings or property to stay electrically optimized and safe. We understand It’s a necessity for the safety of people in the commercial space and smooth running of your business.

So, if you are looking for a professional electrical partner for all your project needs, then you are in the right place. Action Electrical Air & Solar  understands that the commercial sector seeks quality and quick solutions, which is why we work professionally to deliver such services on strict deadlines.

Our electricians are dedicated to offering you the highest standard of skilled-services, and we deliver electrical solutions for both refurbishments and new constructions. This includes small shops, restaurants, and warehouses, among other commercial settings.


Industrial Services

Business continuity is vital for the success of any business. Therefore, we specialize in industrial electrical services and offer professional assistance, especially if your business runs on a heavy-duty electrical system.

Action Electrical Air & Solar  is profound with working in rural, manufacturing, and transport to officiate innovative solutions, thereby helping your business operate more efficiently and productively.

On top of that, Action Electrical Air & Solar are dedicated to helping you keep your workplace electrically safe from accidents. We offer Test & Tag, Emergency Lighting and Safety Switch maintenance programs. Our goal is to ensure that you and your employees are in a safe working environment.


LED Lighting Services

Known for their lower power consumption rate and brighter lighting, LED lights offer great cost-effective lighting. We provide both outdoor and indoor LED lighting solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors.


Air Conditioning Electrical Services

Air conditioningWe recently added Air Conditioning services in 2018, and we are licensed and committed to supplying you with the installation of air conditioners for maintaining that fresh and cool breeze in your home.

We strive to install the best air conditioning systems that will not only work effectively, but will also give you great service for extended periods. We also provide high quality, reliable, and ongoing service and maintenance for your air conditioners.


Solar Installation & Maintenance

Immediately after adding Air Conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair services, we also included solar installation services.
This means that we are licensed professionals for providing you with one of the cleanest and economic forms of energy.


Test & Tag Maintenance Programs

All test and tagging should be carried out by an approved technician. We have many years experience providing test & tag maintenance programs in Ipswich and surrounding suburbs in South East Queensland.

We are licensed electricians approved to work on installation and repair of electricity and appliances. We have the right models that are used to carry out testing and tagging of electrical equipment and ensure everything is done right. Please note that the frequency of testing directly relates to the environment where the equipment is used.


Safety Measures during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In conclusion, Action Electrical Air & Solar  is highly aware of the current health situation facing the world today. That’s why, during this time of the pandemic, we practice social distancing and hygiene protocols when rendering our services. You do not have to panic when you are engaging our professionals for your electrical service’s needs.

Moreover, we accept EFTPOS payments, which limit the chance of getting into contact with one another.